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Rover Poster
"Thanks so much for the poster – your precise rendering of the Lunar Rover: the Most impressive car ever made. Dave Scott, who knows a couple of things about the Rover, told me there is a good chance that one could get to the landing sites of Apollos 15, 16 and 17, dust off the vehicle, and drive off in it today after some solar charging.

Amazing. Feel free to use this letter on your website.

Come to think of it, if you can get to the Descartes Plain and I can get to the Taurus-Littrow Valley, let's charge up those Rovers and meet at Hadley Appenine.

See you there......"
Tom Hanks

Don McMillan's poster shows how a space poster can be beautiful, informative and accurate all at the same time. Bravo."

Rob Godwin, Apogee Books

"This is not only a complete reference to an amazing vehicle on one sheet, this is a work of art.  The graphics on this poster make the LRV come alive."
Bob Andrepont,

"This is a great poster!  Everything you always wanted to know about the LRV in one place."
John Elliott

"As much as I liked the electronic version, I have to say that nothing beats holding the poster up and looking at it in its full glory."
Ben Nault

Here is a thumbnail of my rover poster... It is 18.75" high by 28" wide. It is printed on recycled 100m paper and has a glaze to reduce fingerprints. I have included NASA images from all three rover flights along with my cg renders. I was very fortunate to have LRV design team member Ron Creel help me with the content. Ron was kind to pass along my images and animations to one of his "rover buddies" for review. Other material is adapted from the "Apollo 15 Press Kit - release#71-119K".


Please note: the website address for Eric Jones' Apollo Lunar Surface Journal should read hq.nasa.gov/alsj.

How could I miss this error you ask? When I got the proof to look over it was truly overwhelming to see the poster so HUGE. I checked to make sure all the text was visible and that nothing was missing. I looked over everything three times and each time passed right over my error. So I think I need new glasses. Apologies to Eric.